Radio Control mx-10 HoTT 5 channels - V1a20 / V1a30

mx-10 HoTT | #33110 
 mx-10_eng Version:  V1a20       V1a30
Other downloads:: - Handbuch, Manual, Manuel
- Firmware-Upgrade

• Advanced telemetry protocol V4
• V1a20 Trainer function with new transmitter software possible. The receiver should be bound to the student transmitter.
• V1a30 compatible with BT-Modul 33002.2, however no trainer function possible

This transmitter should be updated in Firmware-Upgrader under the menu-point "Module"!
Trainer function not yet compatible with new updates for the other transmitters

After the update a factory reset should be made! Push and hold the Bind button then switch the transmitter ON and wait about 3 seconds.
Release the button.

It is recommended to delete the binding of the receiver firstly and then bind newly the receiver to the model memory.
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