Radio Control mx-16 HoTT 8-Kanal - V1.807

mx-16 HoTT | #33116
  Version: V1.807      
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Voice3_mx16_EN  (Just suitable with version 2.017)

Download Voice-Files  Multikopter       
Other downloads:

- Voice Data
- Handbuch, Manual, Manuel

- HoTT - Software (Firmware-Upgrade)


- The new HoTTSync process allows the optional binding global (as before) or strictly with one memory of the transmitter.
Selection of binding type: Global or Memory.
- Update for EN300328 1.8.1

Changes from the 17 July 2017
- Voice File "Voice3" was updated in the language EN. An error has been fixed.


Update should be performed with the Firmware-Upgrader >=V4.0
After the update to any V 1.7xx it is also possible with SD card ("Secret mode")

A complete function and range test so as a flight simulation on the ground should be performed before the first flight!
It is recommended to delete the binding of the receiver firstly and then bind newly the receiver to the model memory

Model memories will be secured
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  • Voice file doesn't work.

    Voice3 file doesn't work. When trying to update MX-16 Hott (by graupner update studio or hide mode) the message is: wrong voice version

  • Answer "Voice file doesn┬┤t work."

    Hello Mr Radoslaw,

    the mx-16 is just works only with the Voice file V2. Not with the Voice 3 file.

    Kind regards


  • Voice file doesn't work.

    Hmm... So, why this update was published in "Radio Control mx-16 HoTT 8-Kanal - V1.807" if it isn't intended for the MX-16 Hott?


  • Answer "Voice file doesn't work."

    Hello Radoslaw,

    we did not communicated it clearly. We are really sorry.
    The voice file 3 is just suitable with the update version 2.017. The update version 2.017 exist just in a BETA-Version and is not yet published.
    If you like we can send you the BETA-Version for testing.

    Kind regard


  • Voice file doesn't work.

    Why not :-)
    I will test the integration of transmitter mx-16 with brain telemetry.