Radio Control mc-32 HoTT 16 channels - Version 1.107 & Beta 2v017

mc-32 HoTT | #33032, 33032.PRO, 33033

V 1.107          

Beta-Version 2v017 from 26.06.2017

Download Voice-Files


Beta-Version 2v017 from 26 June 2017

Download Voice-Files für Multikopter       
Other downloads:
- Voice Data
- Handbuch, Manual, Manuel
- HoTT - Software (Firmware-Upgrade)

Beta-Version 2v017 from 26 June 2017
- Announcement of the flight phase possible
- Announce of the switches definable
- 10 user language files possible
- Receiver data rate adjustable for aerotow and formation flight
- User warning possible

Changes from the 07 July 2017
- Beta Version 2v017 now available in the language FR, IT, ES, NL

Changes from the 17 July 2017
- Voice File "Voice3" was updated in the language EN. An error has been fixed

Specials:  Update should be made with Firmware-Upgrader 

The beta version is an unfinished update version. The program is usable in its basic form but has not yet been completely tested for errors. There may be errors when using the beta version.

A complete function and range test so as a flight simulation on the ground should be performed before the first flight of each model!

It is recommended to delete the binding of the receiver firstly and then bind newly the receiver to the model memory.

Model memories will be secured

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  • voice announcements

    When will there be an upgrade to include voice announcements for the MC-32?

  • Answer to "voice announcements"

    Hello Mr. Murphy,

    we are still testing the update and solve some issues.
    Please have a little patience.

    Thank you in advance


  • Need the flight phase announcement

    Hello, I need the Italian version for the last beta software, the possibility to hear the flight phase is awesome.

  • Answer "Need the flight phase announcement"

    Hello Alessandro,

    the beta version 2v017 is now available in the language Italiano.

    Kind regards


  • Bluetooh headset


    With version 2.0.17, on the mc-32 pro, when you turn the transmitter off and on, the bluetoothh headset does not pair.

    You have to do it by hand.

    I tested it with two headphones, one samsung and s530 (chinese).


  • Answer "Bluetooh headset"

    Hello Marc,

    thank you for your information.
    Our technical department will check this.

    Kind regards


  • Voice Announcements

    Thank you for this great enhancement, keeps Graupner up with software developments in radio control.

  • Release date


    Do you have an estimate on when the new version will be release to market?

    Is there any bugs that might bring the plane down, or is this a "safe" beta?

    Kind regards,
    Trond Dalsveen

  • Answer "Release date"

    Hello Mr Dalsveen,

    until now we know only about one bug in this beta firmware.
    You should not use two mc-32 in wireless teacher pupil mode. You may use the mc-32 with other Graupner radios in teacher pupil mode without problems.

    At the moment we can not tell you exactly when the final version will be published.

    Kind regards


  • V1.107 files


    Can you add links to the Mc32 update page for the v1.107 files please, currently only the beta ones are there

  • Answer "V1.107 files"

    Hello Chris,

    you will find the version 1.107 with a click on the country flags.

    Kind regards


  • mc-32

    I did make the uppdate whit no problem but now there is a problem whit all the servos on my transmitters ex if a throttle up the servo will go upp to the middle off the curve then it will go back on its first position .so the servo will first go upp the go down ?
    what has happen to the transmitter ?

  • Answer "mc-32"

    Hello Kenny,

    I have a question to your problem. Does your servo go up and down just if you switch on your receiver or during the operation.
    If the problem is during the operation than your servo testing is active.

    Kind regards


  • mc-32

    Hi, that's when I use the radio controls as the servon moves in half a motion. they can not do the whole movement but go back after half a row

  • Answer "mc-32"

    Hello Kenny,

    we are really sorry. We can not help you from far away.
    Your mc-32 works not normal. Please send your radio control for a inspection to one of our service departments.
    You will find the service departments here.

    Kind regards


  • mc-32

    i just did a down grade of the firmuppgrade and now all is working fine again.
    I cant make the new uppgrade.

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