Radio Control mc-22 HoTT - MC22U_8

mc-22 HoTT | #4759
 mc-22_eng Version: MC22U_8           
Other downloads: - Handbuch, Manual, Manuel

• The voltage display by voltage over 10,5V is improved.
• Speed display at factor 10 is corrected
• Temperature display >99°C is corrected
• Bluetooth menu for BT module No. 33002.2 is integrated. Therefore contemporary telemetry display on transmitter and Android smartphone possible. Without master function means without telemetry display in the transmitter.

Update should be made with Software "mc_swloader.msi". Software in firmware-zip included.
Attention: After the update a HF module factory reset should be performed! Push and hold the bind-button then switch the transmitter ON and wait about 3 seconds.
Release the button.
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