Radio Control mz-18 HoTT 9 channels - V1.042

mz-18 HoTT | #S1005


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- Voice Data 
- Handbuch, Manual, Manuel
- HoTT Software (Firmware-Upgrader etc...)

• Teacher singal input revised
• The signals outside the range of +- 100% will be now accepted by the transmitter, however limited to +- 100%
• The flickering of the background light is eliminated
•  Monitoring function of the software is changed and improved during power up

Specials: Update should be made with Firmware-Upgrader >=V4.0
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  • V1.042 for MZ18

    Counter 1 doesn't work correctly since update V1.042.
    It always runs even if switch is not actived

    time to startup transmiter is too long.

    Conter 2 works correctly.
    FinalIy, I regret my MX22

  • Answer to V1.042 for MZ18

    Hello BACCUS,

    thank you for your information.

    Actually just a downgrade helps.
    With the mz-18 Pro the bug will be fixed.

    Kind regards


  • Mz 18 pro update

    Will the mz18 pro update be available via graupner firmware upgrade? When this new version will be released? Thank you

  • MZ18 Pro

    I'm pretty happy with my MZ18, and I'm sure I'll enjoy the MZ18 PRO update.
    Any date for the release of the update please ? :-)

  • Firmware update not straight forward

    I have new mz-18 version 1.041.
    Based on an earlier comment it seems an update to version 1.042 is not such a good idea. Also, if you don't have Win OS you are out of luck too. Why not provide update file to be saved on a flash disk like SPEKTRUM RADIO. I love the radio but there is a lot of room for firmware improvement.

  • Update mz-18 PRO


    I would like to inform you that we are still provide updates for the mz-18.
    But we can not promise an update to a version at the moment.

    Kind regards


  • Date of update


    When new updates for mz 18 will be released?

    Best Regards

  • Answer "Date of update"

    Hello Petr,

    I would like to inform you that the update to a mz-18.PRO version is planned and will probably be published at the end of the year.

    Kind regards



    Is the pro upgrade still coming, can you give me a hint of what it will be.

  • Answer "MZ-18 PRO OUT YET"

    Hello Mr Mohr,

    the update will appear with voice announcements like mz-24PRO and new menu system like mz-24PRO.

    Kind regards


  • So excited

    This update is going to be awsome Graupner is the best.