Radio Control mc-28 HoTT 16 channels - Version 1v012

mc-28 HoTT | #33028


Version 1v012



other Downloads: - Firmware-Upgrade

Version 1.007 from the 07. March 2017

- Car symbol exchanged for a truck symbol
- Software correction for connection of joystick switches
- Phase copying function: Phase 8 could not be copied because it was not displayed
- The authorization phase is correctly announced now
- Further changes for the mc-28 4D, which are not relevant for the mc-28

Changes from the 23. May 2017

- Voice File in the language Dutch available

Version 1v012 from 06 July 2017
- Problem in the setting of the encoder switch at encorder switch 4 eliminated
- Function in the setting gas front / rear corrected
- Switch display corrected
- Bluetooth module can not be switched off
- Other small corrections

Special: The update can be done via the SD card or via the firmware upgrade.

Perform a complete function and range test so as a flight simulation on the ground before the first flight of each model!

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  • ℗ programming manual

    These is the great radio!
    There is just one problem no English version manual (just short review). When will be available English version manual for download?
    Are you planing to reliase Russian or English language voice files? When?

  • Answer "programming manual"

    Hello Sergey,

    thank you for your response.
    You will find the English voice files on the SD-card. We do not have Russian voice files.
    The English manual is still in processing. It takes further 14 days.
    We will upload the manual as soon as possible.

    Kind regards


  • Programming manual

    When be available to download the English version of programming manual?

  • Answer to "Programming manual"

    Hello Sergey,

    the programming manual in English is still in processing.
    It takes about 14 days longer.
    Thank you for your understanding.

    Kind regards


  • Manual

    Another 14 days and another 14 days.......mean - NEVER?

  • Answer "Manual"

    Hello Sergey,

    we are really sorry for the delay.
    We are just reading the manual for correction but the manual will be published.
    Thank you for your understanding

    Kind regards


  • Voice Files 3

    Unable to download voice files 3. When clicking on the file it simply displays it's contents on screen but doesn't download.

  • Answer "Voice Files 3"

    Hello Neil,

    after clicking on the file, choice the option "save file" or use the right mouse button and click "target save under"
    I hope I could help you. Otherwise please get in touch with us again.

    Kind regards


  • Voice Files 3

    Thanks but if you click on the file there is not download option - it simply opens on screen. Saving as a target saves the file in htm format.

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