Support for your Graupner products can be obtained in several ways. We are here to help and would like to assure you that customer satisfaction is very important to us.

Before contacting us you can find help and information at the following places:


Our manuals and products are updated frequently. Your product may have an outdated manual or there may be new product addendum's available. Check out our download page and look for your product category and the manuals section for updates.


From time to time we release software and firmware updates to address known issues or enhance product functionality. Updating to the latest firmware may resolve some of the issues you may have or you may discover new features added to your product to improve its functionality and value. All of our products can be updated with our Firmware Upgrade Studio which can be downloaded from the download section.


The Firmware Upgrade Studio provides you the user with a single software that will update all of your Graupner products such as ESC’s, radios, receivers, chargers and HoTT devices. It also allows you to analyze flight logs and much more. Please download the Firmware Upgrade Studio and familiarize yourself with its features.

Unless noted differently, firmware updates are handled automatically by the upgrader so there is no need to search for separate firmware files from our websites. By using the upgrader, you are always ensured of the latest and securely authenticated software that fits your product.

Download - GR-STUDIO

Window Drivers - Window 10, Window 7_8

How to firmware Upgrade - German, English

Polaron Charger firmware - DOWNLOAD,